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    Kiev 1947 Camera


#0038 MC Hartblei 2.8/80 mm TS-PS Tilt-Shift Super-Rotator Canon EOS Lens


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Technical information

Focal length Aperture range Elements/ groups Aperture type Filter diameter Distance from Mount
80 2,8-22 --- manual 62 0,6 Canon EOS

General information

Manufacturer Ukraine-Hartblei


Serial number  
The 35mm SLR format photographic lens brands: PCS, TS-PC, and TS-PC Super-Rotator MC HARTBLEI 80mm / f=2.8, are for the professional photographer.
The eight-lens optical system is multi-coated (MC) and has anti-reflection surfaces on the lenses, which improve the quality of the image and increase its contrast range due to the increased integrated light transmission. In addition, each lens is hand assembled and carefully checked.
All lenses have a metal housing, no plastics are used. The front lens-casing surface is deep matte.
Correcting Perspective with the Tilt/Shift Lens
If you photograph architectural subjects with a conventional wideangle lens aimed up at the building, perspective in the photograph looks unnatural. Lines converge and the building appears to be leaning backwards because the subject and film plane are not parallel to each other. The TS lens provides a solution to the problem. Shifting the lens allows desired framing while keeping the film plane and subject parallel. This also eliminates unnecessary foreground in the process, improving overall composition. This shifting ability can also be used for photographing images in a mirror or window thereby excluding the photographer's reflection.
 The tilt mechanism allows you to control overall image sharpness. Used in conjunction with aperture, the tilt feature of this lens gives you tremendous depth of field control. This is especially helpful when shooting an object at an oblique angle. For example, let's assume you want absolute infinity  sharpness in the foreground and background of a still life scene. First focus on the closest foreground object then tilt the lens until the background also comes into focus. You then make minor focus adjustments, close down the lens to the desired aperture and shoot. Using the tilting mechanism provides an additional means of controlling depth of field and thus allows greater freedom over the aperture and shutter speed combination.
 Suppose you want to shoot a long building at an angle with all of it in the best possible focus. Due to the angle between the building and the film plane, foreground and background cannot be rendered sharp simultaneously. Here's where the Scheimpflug principle on which the solution is based comes into play. Imaginary lines must be drawn parallel to the front of the lens and the film plane and a third line from the subject. To attain maximum depth of field, the lens must be tilted so all the lines meet at a point in space. Tilting the lens brings the third line to the point of intersection, increasing the range of sharp focus.
 Conversely, suppose you want to focus on only certain objects in the middle of a scene, throwing everything else out of focus. In this case focus and tilt the lens so that the subjects are all in the same plane and are parallel. This technique is especially helpful when photographing a product or still life, using the shallow depth of field to emphasize only the central subject. The TS lens could be portraying as a problem solver but it is also capable of taking the images that may challenge your creativity with its optical characteristic.
- a mechanism for adjusting depth of field by tilting the lens in any direction.
The direction of the shift can be changed 360 degree and locks at 24 angles.
     Front lens cap
Years of production  
Year of release 2009
Maximal shift 10mm
Maximal tilt 8 degree
Lens rotate 360 degree
MC covering Yes
Condition NEW

Киев, Украина, Film Digital Camera - Canon EOS, Contax, Nikon, Pentax K, Leica R, Minolta AF, Minolta MD (manual) MC Hartblei 2,8/80 mm TS-PS Tilt-Shift Super-Rotator Lens



MC Hartblei 2.8/80 mm TS-PS Tilt-Shift Super-Rotator Lens + AF Confirmation

This adapter (AF Сonfirmation) has the electronic chip which imitates lenses EF and makes them communicate with body EOS.
When focus is correct, there will be an indicator of red light and a sound signal that will prove chosen focus.
Besides this adapter has possibility to store the information of your lens, its aperture and a focal length.
The lens does not possess an auto focus and the diaphragm is exposed in the manual.
 The order of photographing with electronic chip.
- Turn on the camera mode AV and completely open a aperture.
- Rotate a ring of focussing on an objective - the camera confirms exact focus (sound, blinking) .
- Close a aperture on an objective up to the necessary value - the camera will calculate endurance.
- Release the shutter.
Now all your files will have which information about the lens you took your pictures and there is no necessity to do additional records.
!!! Though it assists focusing, Autofocus (AF) is not available.

Price:  $ 1250.00


1 year warranty!
Made by DVDTechnik
俄罗斯苏维埃非常罕见收藏相机、镜头、相机螺丝摩溶于适配器测距仪 - appareil-photo très rare russe de collection de Soviétique, objectif, bâti M39 de vis d'appareil-photo de télémètre d'adapteur - russische seltene Kamera Ansammlung des Sowjets sehr, Objektiv, Adapter entfernungsmesser kamera-Schraube Einfassung M39 - macchina fotografica molto rara russa dell'accumulazione del Soviet, obiettivo, supporto M39 della vite della macchina fotografica del telemetro dell'adattatore - ロシアのソビエトの非常に稀なコレクションのカメラ、レンズ、アダプターのrangefinderのカメラねじ台紙M39 - 러시아 소련 아주 희소한 수집 사진기, 렌즈, 접합기 rangefinder 사진기 나사 산 M39 - câmera muito rara russian da coleção do soviete, lente, montagem M39 do parafuso da câmera do rangefinder do adaptador - cámara fotográfica muy rara rusa de la colección del soviet, lente, montaje M39 del tornillo de la cámara fotográfica del telémetro del adaptador - لإتحاد السوفياتي مجموعة نادرة جدا ، عدسه الكاميرا ، الكاميرا محول تعيين المدى  تضغط جبل m39 самая большая коллекция коллекционный русский советский украинский белорусский фотоаппарат фотокамера камера объектив линза завод Красногорский Механический, Завод Арсенал, Ломо, Беломо, ФЭД, ГОМЗ Зокий ФЭД Зенит Киев Москва Спутник

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